WORKSHOP+MEETUP: Positive Workplace

Find a common sense answer for the following question: What makes a workplace positive?

Using collective intelligence, Art of Hosting and Socratic Dialogues methods, the discussion will lead to a definition and practical behaviours to generate a positive workplace.

The participants will co-create the outcome, consequently, feeling related and committed to it.

6:30pm - 7:00pm Welcome & Warm Up

7:00pm - 7:15pm Method explanation. Let's take a seat and learn about Positive Business lab and their Art of Hosting and the Socratic Dialogues methods they work with to generate ideas and inputs.

7:15pm- 8:00pm World Café. Let's bring together all the inputs and build new ideas and solutions from them. A workplace is not only a company or a building. 

What is a positive workplace?

What makes a workplace positive?

8:30pm - 9:00pm Share the results and the feedback of this common work. 

9:00 - 9:30pm Closure & Drinks. Let's enjoy some time together and share the experience and the cool atmosphere with everyone


In collaboration with Positive Business Lab. More about them:

Positive Business Lab loves to learn and share. We connect with people to build authentic businesses, all based on kindness and collaboration.

It started a year ago, from conversations on how to make organizations and humans more human. It has brought us to a path of learning and meeting inspiring people and organizations that share similar values.

Today, we want to spread the word and strengthen the chain for a more meaningful work and life.



Dijana Galijasevic: An organizational development enthusiast. An extroverted introvert, a mindful leader, a playful spirit. Dijana finds meaning in cultivating human connections in the workplace, always helping and inspiring others to do their best. Driven to fuse human universality and kind awareness with organizational development and self-inquiry.

Rochele Melo: Purpose-driven strategist, daring to see life from a different perspective, she believes collaboration can unlock our personal and professional potential to envision a better future. Fifteen years of professional experience in Industrial Business and in Strategic Design, have led her to realize that personal fulfilment is achieved only when your own values and those of the enterprises you work with are aligned. 


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