Negative Churn by KFund


Negative Churn is a monthly event to discuss all things SaaS, brought to you by K Fund. The event will alternate on a monthly basis between Madrid and Barcelona.

While most SaaS events tend to focus on the product/tech side of things, KFund believes there are many areas that should be talked about in-depth: finance, sales and marketing, customer success and support, hiring, international expansion strategies, etc. Every two months they will bring speakers who have done it before to help those who are now taking their first steps in the SaaS world.

This second Negative Churn event will be host in Utopicus Plaça Catalunya. The discussion will be joined by Luigi Mallardo (former VP of Sales at Whisbi), Oscar Macia (CEO at ForceManager), Chris Evens (VP of Sales at Redpoints) and Michael Schimmel (Chief Commercial Officer at Kantox) to talk about the differences and challenges B2B SaaS startups face when selling to the enterprise vs. SMB clients.

After the event there'll be time for a couple of beers and networking.


Don't forget to reserve your place clicking on the link below!