Collectively, we watch 1 billion hours of content on YouTube a day. That’s 114,000 years' worth of cats being scared by cucumbers. We posted 136,000,000 blog articles in December 2018 on Wordpress alone, and have streamed more than 50 billion podcast episodes since iTunes began. So why would anyone ever want to click on your content?

It’s a tough question for marketers everywhere.

Despite the noise, 84% of consumers expect brands to create content: radio silence is not an option for most of us.

In this hands-on workshop, Hubbub Labs' George Chilton shows why content marketing is still relevant and look at some key content marketing strategies. At the same time, he’ll show you how to produce "thumb-stopping" content that adds real value to your audience


George Chilton

Creative Director de Hubbub Labs

George is a writer, editor and Entrepreneur Magazine contributor, with over 10 years’ experience. He is the co-founder of Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona, where he sits on the executive council as an advisor. Formerly an editor for Pearson education and managing editor at Publicize PR, George has worked with a range of clients such as Hallmark Cards, Microsoft, Symantec, and has ghostwritten and edited articles that have been featured top digital and print publications such as Mashable, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and InfoQ.